Students Flock to Battle of the Books

EUGENE, Ore. — Students across Lane County gathered at Willamette High School in Eugene for the regional Battle of the Books competition Saturday.

The annual competition tests students’ knowledge about 16 books that they’re assigned to read.

This year’s participants also got to meet Graham Salisbury, the author of one of those books they read for the compeition.

The top two teams will move on to next month’s state competition in April. The manager of the tournament says it’s a great way to get students to compete and still get some valuable reading done.

“Well one of the really nice things about this is not every kid is going be involved in sports. This is something that kind of gives kids another competition to be involved in,” said tournament manager Leslie Brown.

The organizers of the tournament say that the event is getting more popular every year.

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  1. Deb Jolda says:

    Wow, how flattering that you put up the team photo for BIA (Book Intelligence Agency) from Creswell–but sad that one of our team was cut out. Sorry, Blake!

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