Students Have Mixed Feelings About Primary Election

May 15, 2012

By Lauren Mickler

EUGENE, Ore. — The majority of University of Oregon students only live in Eugene for four to five years, which is why many of them say they don’t feel a need to participate in local elections. But some say they feel like they should have more of an input.

If they’re registered in Lane County, they can vote here, but do Oregon students care about municipal or Lane County elections?

Some say they don’t vote because they feel overlooked by candidates and are uninformed about the election.

Others say they aren’t planning on staying in Eugene after they graduate and don’t see a reason to vote.

But on the other side of that argument are the students who see it as a privilege and a chance to represent themselves and future Ducks.

And for those who are informed, they say they plan to use that knowledge in this election.

City and county officials were on campus Monday collecting ballots, and many of the students KEZI talked to said they made sure they got their ballot in the box.

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