Students Head Back to School

EUGENE, Ore. — September is here, and kids across western Oregon are getting ready to head back to school.

School starts Wednesday for K through eighth graders in Eugene’s 4J School District. Ninth graders start on Thursday; other students start on Friday.

For Springfield schools, classes start on Thursday for K through sixth grade and the ninth grade. Seventh, eighth, and 10th through 12th grades start on Friday.

All schools in the Roseburg and Bethel school districts start on Tuesday. All Corvallis schools start on Wednesday.

In Coos Bay, first through eighth grades start on Tuesday while ninth through 12th grades start Wednesday.

There are a few things to remember with the start of school. School zones are 20 mph during school days, never pass a school bus on the right and always stop when a school bus is loading or unloading children.

You also need to be on alert at intersections in the mornings and afternoon, when kids are waiting for buses.

“I am hoping that parents remember that school is back in session and that to abide by the safety guidelines of the 20 mph school zone. And making sure that even though children think they are free spirits, they may not pay attention to crossing the roads and the drivers pay more attention than the children do” said mother Elizebeth Cuno.

Local police will be out in force to remind about all the safety rules, with an issue of a ticket.

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