Students Help Demolish EMU

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EUGENE, Ore. — University of Oregon students, faculty and staff said goodbye to part of the Erb Memorial Union Thursday afternoon.

They also left their mark — by flinging paint balloons at the 1970’s version of the building.

They really got into the fun, the walls and windows quickly became a canvas of sorts with a colorful mix of paints.

The decision to renovate began in 2001, after students and staff spoke up about the lack of cohesiveness between the older and newer versions.

Students say they’re sad to see part of it go — but they’re ready for something new.

“Change is needed, life is about change, you know it’s time to move on. Especially with the way things are working at the university there’s so much going on and you just have to move along with it,” said student, Joseph Alfano.

The older front portion of the EMU building will stay intact — along with the beloved “fishbowl” the main dining area on campus.

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