Students Help Noti Family with Flood Clean-up

February 2, 2012

By Lauren Mickler

NOTI, Ore. — Lane County flood clean-up continues.

Willamette Leadership Academy students pitched in to help one of their own.

They have been helping with flood recovery projects all over the community.

On Thursday, they worked on a project here in Noti at the Blains.

What teenager doesn’t like to smash stuff or throw a hammer around?

The Willamette Leadership Academy’s construction class definitely does.

“These kids love taking their aggression out on stuff. (laughs),” said Willamette Leadership construction teacher First Sergeant William Leifeste.

But even more important than getting messy is the reason behind all this dust and dry wall.

Sandy, George Blain’s wife, spends a lot of time volunteering at the school. So when students found out the Blains were hit hard by the flood, they were more than happy to come help.

“I figured out she had to stay at the school because her house got flooded and I felt really bad, and then Monday I heard we were going to come out here for construction class and I was really excited to help them out. You know, everybody needs a helping hand when bad things happen to them,” said senior Brandon Marga.

“Oh man, to take it apart myself would’ve been days of work and they’ve done it in what, an hour? You know, many hands make light work,” George Blain said.

This is the one of the service projects the Willamette Leadership Academy students have participated in since the floods and they say they’ll continue to lend a hand around the community as long as people need their help.

George Blain says once the kids help pull up the floor, he’ll have to let the guest house dry out before he can start a new project.

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