Students Make Leprechaun Traps

3-17 LEPRECHAUN TRAPEUGENE, Ore. — Some students spent the Monday trying to trap a leprechaun. The third grade class at Buena Vista Elementary School walked in Monday morning to find clear signs one of the mystical creatures had been in the classroom.

Each student spent hours creating their very own traps to catch the culprit. With Legos, glue, glitter and gold coins, the students say that they wanted to catch the leprechaun before it made a bigger mess.

“Trash cans on the tables, there were chairs over there. We have star of the week and penny stuff was like everywhere,” said student Xochi Cuadros.

“The leprechaun will go up this ladder and he’ll start crawling up this bridge to get to the gold, but this breaks under his weight and he falls down in here,” said student Margaret Grace.

While there wasn’t a leprechaun sighting, students say they kept their traps out all day just in case.

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