Students Move In to New Residence Hall

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EUGENE, Ore. — Extra congestion can be expected this week around Oregon’s college campuses as thousands of students head back to school.

At the University of Oregon, the majority of students will move in to on-campus housing on Thursday. However, more than half of the 450 students living in the Global Scholars Hall this year, are moving in today.

The $68 million building is the first new residence hall to open since 2006. It is a living-learning building; it has dorm rooms and academic spaces for students to learn and study in. The students living in this hall are either from the Robert D. Clark Honors College or the Global Scholars Language Programs.

“We have the five immersion floors: french, german, spanish, japanese and chinese, so we have that opportunity as well. We also have a library in the building, so our own librarian and then our live-in faculty member,” said Ali Amaya.

The University of Oregon says this is  the first college residence hall, nationwide, to have its own library

The University of Oregon expects 4,200 students to live in on-campus housing this year, including the 450 living in the Global Scholars Hall. The new building is located at 15th and Moss, next to the Museum of Natural and Cultural History.

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