Students Plant Trees for Safer Pathways

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SANTA CLARA, Ore. — One elementary school is trying to make their school a lot safer, by planting trees.

Friday and Saturday, students and parents will plant more than 50 trees at Irving Elementary School and around town. Tree developers have already dug holes to prepare the soil.

The trees will line the new sidewalk that the county and the Bethel School District built in front of the school. Together, they will provide a safe route for students to walk to class. Friday afternoon, 70 fifth graders and parents will plant 18 of the 54 trees and on Saturday, volunteers will plant 36 trees all around the Santa Clara neighborhood.

Eugene Friends of Trees, a nonprofit organization is coordinating the planting and EWEB is sponsoring the event. This is the group’s first school and neighborhood project of the year. Planting starts at 1 p.m. Friday.

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