Students Rally at UO

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EUGENE, Ore. — Dozens of students rallied on the University of Oregon campus Friday, something they vowed to do Thursday during their rally.

This time, they were joined by UO school leaders and faculty who addressed the crowds.

“Our community is not safe. Communities across the country are not safe. I have the same view that you have, a single sexual assault on our campus is one too many. President Gottfredson could have spoken to the students at that point and not screwed up the investigation. He didn’t, Why not?” said Robin Holmes, UO Vice President of Student Affairs.

Holmes, along with the UO president, and professor Bill Harbaugh, who runs the UO matters blog, on the steps of Johnson Hall, talking to students who rallied Friday.

Some students say they still aren’t pleased with the university’s response, especially regarding Brandon Austin, who was already under investigation for an alleged rape at his last college.

“In order to bring Austin to this school, they had to ignore the narrative of a survivor of sexual assault. The coaches at the previous school had to ignore the narrative. Something had to be suppressed. Some truth about a sexual assault had to be suppressed,” said UO student Natalie Edson.

Around 50 students took part in Friday’s rally.

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  1. RB says:

    So, party-girl floozie has a good time, then sobers up and cries rape. Somehow I don’t think she was an innocent lamb out munching grass on the pasture. Of course, maybe she was. DOH!

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