Students Rally to Support Teachers

medford-student-demonstrationMEDFORD, Ore. — In just three days, Medford teachers are set to walk out of the classroom if a bargaining deal is not reached.  As the deadline looms closer, students are backing their teachers, holding demonstrations before school.

According to the Student Demonstration to Support Medford Teachers Facebook page, this is a quiet and respectful demonstration. Students said they are doing it only to show their support for their teachers.

North Medford High School is one of the schools participating in the demonstrations.  South Medford High School as well as Hedrick and McLoughlin Middle Schools are also hosting demonstrations.

The first demonstration was held early this morning before school, but a smaller than expected turn out showed up.

About nine students stood along Crater Lake Avenue, holding signs and raising awareness about the possible strike.  Students say they plan on meeting before school and doing demonstrations daily, leading up to Thursday, the day teachers are set to strike.

“The community… from what I’ve seen… is very broken up over the situation so to see the students come together, and support their teachers is awesome,” said Demitria Rochon, Student Demonstration to Support Medford Teachers organizer.

The Student Demonstration to Support Medford Teachers Facebook page said these demonstrations are meant to be peaceful.  The group is not condoning poor behavior or rude comments.

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