Students React to NCAA Investigation

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EUGENE, Ore. — Duck fans are reacting to new information in the NCAA’s investigation of the Duck football team.

The new documents stemming from the investigation don’t shock students.

“I can’t say that I’m surprised really, you know. You walk around campus and you see nice cars, you know, athletes doing stuff, and you know I can’t say that I’m surprised, but I’m also disappointed at the same time,” said student Jack Ross.

“I’m not really that surprised in a way because we’ve blown up so much in the past couple years and about how we’ve been getting these amazing players like Mariota and stuff. I think in a way we maybe should be punished a little bit for sort of not really cheating but kind of speeding around the bush trying to get people in,” said student Lila Becker.

Some students worry the investigation could mar the school’s reputation.

“People are going to think down or less of us now because they’re going to be like ‘Oh well, just because they have money now they can go and get whoever they want,'” said student Scott Meyers.

Still others argue whatever Oregon did, it isn’t worse than other schools that broke the rules.

“We need to push hard to pull recruits up here, so it’s understandable that we made a lot of calls,” said student Alex Robitai.

But just like they do when the team’s behind on the scoreboard, fans say they’ll rally behind their Ducks.

“No, our fan base is huge. I don’t think it will stop anyone from going to the games,” said student Scarlett Sanudo.

“We’re still going to go out. We’re still going to support the Ducks. Everyone here is a really big Duck fan. Yeah, I don’t really think it’s going to hurt us too bad,” Robitai said.

“The Ducks are really popular right now, and you know as long as they keep having success on the field I don’t see how this will stop the winning from happening,” Ross said.

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