Students React to Presidential Faceoff

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EUGENE, Ore. — KEZI called on the University of Oregon Debate Team to offer insight into Monday night’s final presidential debate.

The majority of the team thought President Obama came off stronger in this final debate. One student added he felt that Mitt Romney failed to draw a distinction between his foreign policy ideas and President Obama’s.

“Despite his ample criticism of Obama’s policy, he didn’t seem to have any idea of what he would do differently. He seemed to agree with every move Obama has made over the course of his presidency and had no real proposals of what he would do differently,” team member James Miller.

Some of the debate team thought this format worked the best of the three because it was structured well, but they mentioned the moderator allowed it to go off foreign policy a lot.

The students thought Obama offered up a couple good zingers.

Some thought Romney did a good job bringing up some of the things that gave him a strong presence in the first debate.

“His five-point plan, his experience balancing budgets and some things like that, making sure that even if he didn’t come ahead on some of the foreign policy points he was not going to let Obama edge him out on the economy, which has really been his strong point and main focus this entire election,” said team member Kehl Van Winkle.

The team says this debate likely won’t help the undecided make a decision because no new talking points were brought up and it turned into more of a economic debate than foreign policy.

Most of the team thought there was a lack of journalistic authority on the part of the moderator. The team says it would like to see more on-the-spot fact checking, holding candidates accountable for what they say.

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