Students React to Proposed Tuition Hike

EUGENE, Ore. — The State Board of Higher Education recommended tuition hikes for all state schools, leaving many students at the University of Oregon unhappy.

In the proposal, the University of Oregon would undergo the biggest tuition increase of all university system schools at 5.8%. The Oregon University System said this is the lowest increase in tuition since 2008. Students said they’re continuously digging deeper in their pockets to pay for school.

One graduate student said she’s heard rumors of an even greater increase for the masters program.

“I should be able to look at the expected starting pay for when I graduate and see that it’s worth it,” said Patrice Bishop-Foster, UO Graduate Student.

The full university system board will meet to approve the tuition increase on June 21. Some students said they wished they could find out what the tuition would be earlier than late June.

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  1. RB says:

    So what is the starting wage at McDonald’s? Better check before you graduate.

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