Students React to Sex Abuse Case

EUGENE, Ore. — There are new disturbing details and possible new victims just a day after a Eugene police officer pleaded guilty to six sex crimes.

Investigators are looking into three phone calls that came into them right after the story broke Wednesday. Police say the calls came from former South Eugene High School students and parents.

Stefan Zeltvay was a school resource officer for the school for the past 10 years. One call involved a former student who apparently observed questionable behavior by zeltvay.

“Reported some behavior around sexual assault investigation where Officer Zeltvay was involved and talked about some behaviors that were protocol-wise questionable,” said Sgt. Scott McKee, Eugene Police Department.

On Wednesday, Zeltvay was convicted of six counts of sexual harassment and sexual abuse. His victims included four members of the Eugene Police Department, a fellow officer’s wife, and a neighbor. McKee, who is the lead investigator in this case, says he’s confident there are no other victims within the police department.

As the sexual abuse investigation of a former school resource officer expands to South Eugene High School, many students and parents are reacting to the news.

KEZI 9 News obtained the police report into former Officer Stefan Zeltvay. The document reveals that victims interviewed by investigators described Zeltvay as “creepy” at South Eugene High School where Zeltvay patrolled since 2003. Students say they felt the same way.

“I know that I sometimes got a creepy vibe from him,” said former South Eugene High School student Celene Eldritch.

“He was just different from the other cops its seemed like, he was just more up close to the kids than the other ones would be,” said South Eugene High School junior Eric Buckendahl.

Former and current South Eugene High school students describe their interactions with Zeltvay.

“I got in trouble on my way back to school, and I was crying because I don’t get in trouble often and he was comforting me telling me it’d be “Okay, you’re not that in trouble,” and he gave me a hug, and I thought it was strange and odd,” Eldritch said.

“I heard if the kid got in trouble and he’d have to search them, he would go farther than he’d have to normally with the girls,” Buckendahl said.

In fact, in a police report, investigators received information “related to alleged on-duty misconduct related to Officer Zeltvay and his work at South Eugene High School during the 2006-2007 school year.”

“I’m pretty horrified,” said Wendi Jones, a mother of a South Eugene High School student.

After learning of Zeltvay’s sex crimes committed against four women in the Eugene Police Department–a colleague’s wife and his neighbor–parents of students are questioning who their children can trust.

“If the person in the most authority is hurting you, who do you go to? Who do you trust to keep you safe if the person that’s mainly given that responsibility is abusing it,” Jones said.

Investigators say based on Zeltvay’s inappropriate behavior, they are actively pursuing possible victims at the high school. KEZI 9 News reached out to South Eugene High School Thursday and was told the principal is out of town, but is aware of the situation.

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