Students Reacting to Sexual Assault

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EUGENE, Ore. — University of Oregon students are reacting to a reported sexual assault near campus.

University of Oregon Police sent out a crime alert Thursday to students about a sexual assault that happened at the Pioneer Cemetery. Students we spoke with say the word on campus is to stay away from the area at night.

UOPD say a man reported he was taken to the Pioneer Cemetery after meeting three men and a woman at Cowfish, a local dance club and bar downtown.

He says he was drugged and then eventually accepted a ride home from the group about 2 a.m. Monday. The group reportedly took him to the cemetery where he was sexually assaulted.

Students are reacting to the incident: “I can’t say I definitely wouldn’t go with them because if it seems like if I had met someone and had been talking to them for a while then I might trust them enough to give me a ride,” said student Abbie Howard.

“I mean it’s still dangerous, like even if I am a guy. I’m not that big so I could easily get taken down if somebody was bigger,” said student Davis Carlisle.

“When I’ve heard about assaults that happen in there it’s usually guys because it seems to me that guys are the ones that think like oh I would be fine if I walked through it. I don’t think girls really walk through unless they’re with people,” said student Carli Lazzarini.

“That is a little surprising. I personally would never trust anyone I just met to give me a ride home unless somebody obviously knew exactly where I was,” said student David Creach. Students also mentioned they feel relatively safe on campus during the day and know to walk in groups at night.

UOPD says the suspects have not been caught.

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