Students Replant Trees in Glendale

tree plantingGLENDALE, Ore. — Just six months ago, flames filled the forest and smoke filled the town of Glendale. Today, students did their part in an effort to replant the forest.

Tiny tree seedlings now stand among the charred giants just outside of Glendale. A few dozen students from Glendale High School rolled up their sleeves and put more than 50 seedlings into the same ground that was up in flames last summer. The students say they remember the fire well; everything from the smoke, to the helicopters flying above.

A much more serene setting greeted the students Thursday, and on a steep slope the students tried their hardest to find the best place to plant their new trees.

Kody Brown, a student at Glendale High School, explains, “I’ve never planted trees, and I’ve certainly never done it on a hill like this, I’ve usually done it on flat ground, so this is totally different to me.”

The trees were donated by the Arbor Day Foundation and Oregon Department of Forestry. Officials say 70 acres were planted last week. About 48,000 acres burned in the Douglas Complex, and officials say restoration is done tree-by-tree. On the burned, private acres of the Douglas Complex, salvage operations are under way and the ODF is trying to do the same.

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