Students Say Goodbye to Rose Elementary

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ROSEBURG, Ore. — The school year is winding down, and for some saying hello to summer will be a little bit tougher than normal this time around.

Back in May voters rejected a levy that would have kept Rose Elementary School operating. When the Special Election levy didn’t pass last month, everyone there knew what it meant.

Rose Elementary School has been educating its community’s children for more than 100 years, but Monday is the last day of class before it closes down for good. So students and staff spent the day remembering the many memories that have been made there.

“My mom said that when she gets home she’ll wake me if it’s a yes that the school won’t close, and she didn’t,” said fourth grader Isadora Johnson.

And while the news was tough, they did their best to think only of the good times.

“I love this school. It’s my favorite by far,” said third grader Lily Ranger.

Though the big change is difficult, everyone remains grateful for the precious moments and the good they believe will come from all this.

“Districtwide we are a community, and if nothing else that is good that has come out of this is that fact that it’s not school against school, it’s school with school because we’re all here for the same thing. We’re a district. So I think that’s a great thing to come out of this,” said instructional aide Julia Henry.

All of the staff were relocated, and most of the school’s 240 kids will be going to either Eastwood, Fullerton, Winchester or Fir Grove.

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