Students Walk and Bike to School

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EUGENE, Ore. — Hundreds of students will be walking or rolling to school Wednesday. It’s International Walk and Bike to School Day. The event hopes to encourage active lifestyles while highlighting safety routes around schools. Out of 250 participating schools in Oregon, 26 are in Eugene. It’s a higher count than ever before and Eugene has the second highest participation in the state.

Eugene Safe Routes to School Program Manager Shane MacRhodes says she recommends “being aware of where the school zones are, watching out for school zone signs, dropping your speed before you get to the sign, going 20 through the school zone and realizing that every corner is a cross walk.”

Participating schools will also be handing out goodies to encourage physical activity. Students get a new helmet, bright neon shoelaces, stickers and more.

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  1. SAB says:

    I would be so happy if my kids could walk or bike to school. But, we live 3.5 miles from their school and we’re not in their school’s boundary, so it’s driving every day. We did have the option of meeting with a group of other “drive to school” kids at 7:30am and then walk to the school, but the way our mornings go, there was no way to make that. Sigh.

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