Study: Dangers of Texting and Walking

(CNN) — Texting and walking. A lot of us do both, but what happens when we do them together?

A new nationwide study out of the Ohio State University estimates more than 1,500 pedestrians were estimated to be treated in emergency rooms in 2010 for injuries related to using a cell phone while walking.

Professor Jack Nasar is a co-author of the study.

“In the last year, it actually exceeded the injury rate for people who are driving and texting or talking on cell phones,” Nassar said.

Just how dangerous can texting and walking be? Online, you can find videos of one woman who falls right into a fountain, while another stumbles into a sink hole. Others have reported dislocated shoulders, broken bones, concussions and perhaps even worse.

“Of course the injuries we’re getting from emergency rooms. We don’t get reports of death. So that would be a separate entity, which isn’t covered,” Nassar said.

The best thing to do? The study’s authors say move to the side and stop walking while you answer a text. Yes, it is 2013, but we don’t have to multitask all the time.

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