Study Explains Eating Pressures

(CNN) — While growing up, many of us may have heard the phrases, “Clean Your Plate” or “No, you can’t have candy.” But how exactly do these parental attitudes towards food affect a child’s weight?

A new study out of the University of Minnesota has found a lot of parents deny their children certain foods or force them to clean their plates. But data has also shown the these practices may be causing weight issues in their kids.

The study found parents who restricted certain foods, such as candy or junk food, were more likely to have overweight or obese children. And those parents who pressured their children to eat everything at a meal, had youngsters who were not overweight, but did show signs of eating and weight problems later in life.

Researchers also found dads were more likely than moms to pressure their sons and daughters to eat and adolescent boys were pressured more than adolescent girls.

The data also showed that restricting food from kids was a common practice of both fathers and mothers, in both boys and girls.

Investigators believe that parents should keep an eye on their child’s weight and understand good eating practices, instead of worrying about whether their kids clean their plates or have a cookie now and then.

They recommended such practices as eating regular family meals, having nutritious snacks at home, choosing healthy foods and encouraging young people to make better food choices as a way to fight weight problems.

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  1. SAB says:

    Duh. Everything in moderation, right? We do not deny our children dessert – whether that be a piece of candy or fruit. It’s up to them. We do deny them unlimited dessert. Even though it tastes really, really good.
    And, when they are full, they are full. They really aren’t going to die on the spot from not finishing that last bite of taco or pasta or whatever.

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