Study: Kids Hurt on Amusement Park Rides

(CNN) — Part of summer fun for many kids is a trip to the local carnival, or a nearby amusement park. But experts are warning that children need to be supervised when getting on any of the rides, because some youngsters could get hurt.

From carousels to coasters, these may look like a lot of fun but parents need to know that children can injure themselves.

Researchers from Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, looked at statistics on kids who were taken to emergency rooms for amusement ride injuries, over a ten year period.

“It could include anything from coin-operated rides, to Ferris wheels, carousels, bumper cars, roller coasters, any type of ride like that,” said Tracy Mehan, Nationwide Children’s Hospital spokeswoman.

From 1990 to 2010, 92,885 children under the age of 18 years were treated for these type of injures. More than 70 percent of the injuries occurred during the May-to-September time period when amusement parks are open and state fairs are everywhere. The injuries ranged from head and neck problems to injuries to the face, arms and legs. Soft tissue injuries were the most common. Luckily only a very small percentage were serious.

And it wasn’t just the bigger rides that caused problems. Data showed that even rides in the mall could be dangerous.

“Many of the injuries on these rides are over hard floors and children are falling on a hard floor,” Mehan said.

Authors of the study say more regulations need to be in place to make these rides safer and that parents must keep an eye on their children and supervise the rides they are getting on.

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