Study Links Salt and Soda Consumption

(CNN)–Doctors say limiting salt in our diets is a good thing. That goes for our children’s diets as well.

Too much salt can cause a lot of health issues, including high blood pressure, along with kidney and heart problems, even in little ones.

Now a study in this week’s Journal of Pediatrics¬†finds that salt may play a greater role in what kinds of drinks kids want, especially sugar-sweetened beverages, like sodas. Researchers looked at more than 4,200 Australian children between the ages of 2 to 16 and found 62 percent of those youngsters reported drinking sugar sweetened beverages.

They also found a link between salt consumption and sweet drinks, noting that children who ate more salt, drank more sweetened liquids. They noted for every one gram of salt consumed a day, a child also consumed 17 grams more of sweetened beverages than those children who did not eat a lot of salt.

The study also showed that children who drank more than one serving of a sugar sweetened beverage each day were 26 percent more likely to be overweight or obese.

Scientists concluded that if kids stop eating a lot of salt, they may reduce how many sugar-sweetened beverages they drink, cutting down on their daily calorie intake.

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  1. tammy says:

    All of this is a bunch of hog wash i have watched what i ate drank got plenty if excersize i did losr it for swhile but it is comming back and u still dont eat buy very little still excersizing..a friend if mine are exactly what i did and excxersized like i do for one month and she lost so much weight she lost 36 pnds and i lost a mere 10so someone want to explain that to me???these reasearcher’s keep comming up with all these ideas why some people are fat and some aint,? i think they do know they just dont want to say it keeps them employed and they got somthing to do and to talk about.the dam government killoers ,liar’s;theifs.

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