Study: People Who Eat Organic are More Judgmental

By Jennifer Richardson

EUGENE, Ore. — Eating organic is supposed to make you healthier, but could it affect your mood?

A new study says people who eat organic are more judgmental.

Most people KEZI talked with found the study pretty funny.

It was published in theĀ Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science. It found people who were exposed to organic foods rather than comfort foods were less likely to volunteer to help a needy stranger.

Authors say organic food eaters judge moral transgressions significantly harsher than those who associate with non-organic foods.

Eugene is known for being a more organic community. Here is what some thought of the study:

“Maybe it’s because they are like a food elitist or something and they are kind of like, ‘well I am this precocious natural ancient field dove and other people are just lesser,'” said one resident.

“I disagree with it. I think that organic food are less judgmental, and I feel like pretty much they are just trying to sustain our life on earth,” said another resident.

“People who buy and choose to eat organic are going to be the type of people in general who think more carefully about things, probably have stronger opinions of things in the world,” said a Eugene resident.

The results suggest exposure to organic foods led people to affirm their moral identities.

For the most part, the people we talked to said the correlation seemed hard to come by when you’re just looking at foods.

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  1. Georgine Perino says:

    Are Jennifer Richardson and her co-anchor Mr. Richardson (sorry, I forget his first name) related? Just curious. I like them both, and they make a good news team.

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