Study Shows How Fans React to Brands

CORVALLIS, Ore. — If you’re a die-hard Duck or Beaver fan, how do you feel about products that are marketed toward your rival team?

An Oregon State University researcher worked on a project to see how sports fans react to seeing these kinds of products, like an OSU student seeing Chip Kelly advertisement for Dr. Pepper.

“Die-hard fans, they actually recognized that the strong argument was persuasive and was a better product, but it still didn’t matter,” said OSU Assistant Professor of Marketing Colleen Bee. “The only thing that mattered was the affiliation.”

The study looks at different scenarios. Let’s say a die-hard fan is given the option of buying two products. Even if fans think one product is of better quality, if it’s marketed toward the rival team, they’re more likely not to buy it. One die-hard fan agrees.

“My original thought would be that it would kind of persuade be against buying it, because I’m a die hard for my school,” said OSU student Hunter Capilla.

Capilla says if he saw two different brands of a product and one had a Duck logo on it, he would most likely not buy it.

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