Suicide Rates Jump Nationwide

EUGENE, Ore. — The Centers for Disease Control says suicide deaths now outnumber those from car crashes nationwide.

Suicide rates have increased over the last few years. Lane County Public Health reps say the numbers are even worse in Lane County.

This week is National Prevention Week, and the county hopes people will see suicide is a result of many different factors, many of which we as a community can help reduce.

“All of these things tend to be connected when we look at the health and well-being of people who live in Lane County, and so focusing on prevention is really one of the primary ways we’re going to make a difference,” said Sandy Moses, Mental Health Promotion Coordinator.

To find out what prevention services are available, click here.

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  1. theresa says:

    But everyone is saying as they do here…all about children don’t get me wrong yes we need to do everything we can for our children and all of the children in Lane County. What about adults who have mental illnesses?

    you leave all that out and it’s so hard to even get mental health help and it’s so expensive.

    think about that.

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