“Summer in the City” Concert Series Starts

EUGENE, Ore. — If you take a trip downtown Wednesday, you might hear some familiar tunes pumping out of Kesey Square.

It’s the start of the city’s 150th birthday party and the kick-off to the Summer in the City concert series with some Beatles classics performed by Abbey Road Live.

Downtown businesses in the heart of Kesey Square say the Broadway Plaza is starting to beat again.

“People coming to enjoy the statue, walking around, looking at the new buildings that they’ve built and the artwork,” said Wrap City Owner Jessica Thomason.

Crews set up a giant stage Wednesday morning in preparation for the festivities.

“People see you setting up they’re curious of what’s going on and they’ll ask what’s going on tonight,” said Eye Beam Event Services President Allen Stewart.

“More people come down as they find out about it and see that this is just a super event for family people, and it’s right in the middle of the summer where the weather is perfect,” Thomason said.

“We feel very good about it. Every year we get better and better. We had events down here last year and 350 children and their parents came,” said City of Eugene Community Events Manager Billie Moser.

Many hope the summer atmosphere continues to grow as the music flows, and the streets fill with good vibes.

And owners say it doesn’t hurt that a crowd of concert goers means a crowd of customers.

Some say Kesey Square has been through rough times over the years.

Now they say a healthy vibe is starting to dominate the red-bricked corner.

The city will host concerts at Kesey Square each Wednesday for the next six weeks.

Whether you’re walking or driving down, organizers say plan ahead for the roads around the plaza to be closed.

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