Summer Sticking Around to the Very End

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We’re down to just five days left in the summer season and while many areas across the country are switching to fall, western Oregon is enjoying summer to the last minute.

The jet stream is almost off the map, clear in northern Canada. High pressure is filling the northeast Pacific and a thermal trough has moved into western Oregon. A thermal trough sets up off-shore flow which generally gives western Oregon the best chance at hot weather in the summer season. (And during the fire season can bring in smoke.)

The skies will remain cloud free and high temperatures will climb to the upper 80s and low 90s for most inland locations. The coast will begin to battle the marine layer late in the day which will hold temperatures to the mid 60s.

The winds will shift Tuesday as the thermal trough moves east. This will bring in clouds for the coast, but the rest of us will remain clear through Wednesday. Highs will drop several degrees though, to the mid 80s both Tuesday and Wednesday.

By Thursday the on-shore flow will be strong enough to push clouds from the coast to the valley for the first part of the day. This will drop our temperatures another notch to the low 80s for Thursday and Friday.

Have a great start to the week!

Meteorologist Melissa Frey
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