Summer Weather Creates Business Boom in Florence

FLORENCE, Ore. — The heat is back on in Oregon, and it is finally starting to feel a lot like summertime in Florence.

“The weather is defiantly helping our business a lot. The sunny skies are perfect, but the wind is a little rugged,” said owner of Lane of the Chinook Boat Tours Clyde Clark.

Clark says business was gloomy to start the boating season this year, but things have really picked up after July 4.

“The Fourth of July really increased our business. I mean we have seen a 100-percent increase. We were struggling with everyone else down here until the weather turned nice,” said Clark.

Fisherman are also benefiting from the summer weather.

“It gets a little cooler in the afternoon, but yeah it is really nice,” said fisherman Gary Valkyrie.

The wind was the only reason Saturday wasn’t picture perfect.

“I tell everyone you give me five minutes and I can get you out of the wind. It is a little breezy right here,” said Clark.

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