Summer Weather For Holiday Weekend

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Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton‘s Nightly Forecast Discussion: 

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So here’s an interesting little weather niblet: Eugene set a new record for the warmest overnight low this morning! . The record for today was 62° and we only dropped to 64° Friday. A direct result of the warm, muggy airmass that has been streaming into the state most of the week. Tonight, high pressure is starting to dry things out with winds turning offshore tomorrow, so we should drop back into the upper 50s to start the holiday weekend.

Labor Day weekend will be quickly warmer as a ridge of high pressure pushes back into the Northwest. Expect highs to move back into the upper 80s for Saturday and mid 80s Sunday. It’s looking dry and ample sunshine for both Ducks kickoff at 1pm with temps around 81 and Beavers at Reser at 4pm, warmer around 87.

Labor Day will likely see some lightly isolated showers and some potentially strong thunderstorms in the Cascades. So your BBQ plans are much better for either Saturday or Sunday. The rain showers Monday look light overall with the mountains seeing the most action: plenty of moisture, low offshore, and some sunshine will be the reciepe for strong isolated thunderstorms. A similar chance for light showers mainly at the coast Tuesday as well.  Late week, things quiet down once again and we’re back to more of the same with the jetstream pulling up from the south and marine clouds mainly confined to the coast. Highs will sit in the mid to low 80s.

Have a great weekend!

– Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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