Superstorm Sandy Slams the East Coast

Asbury Park, NJ (CNN) — Superstorm Sandy lived up to its billing as it hit the Northeast Monday night. The powerful weather system is blamed for more than a dozen deaths and knocked out electricity to more than six million people.

Sandy slammed into the Jersey shore with 80 mile per hour winds. It came ashore near Atlantic City battering the pier and flooding the boardwalk.

The storm did major damage to the New York area, setting surge records in lower Manhattan and swamping beach fronts on both sides of Long Island.

A number of New York’s subway system tunnels flooded overnight with officials saying it could take anywhere from 14 hours to four days to remove the water.

The Transit Authority Chairman said this is the worst disaster the New York City subway system has seen in its 108 years old, wreaking havoc on the entire system, in every borough and county of the region.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he wasn’t surprised by the storm’s power. “We knew this was going to be dangerous and the storm has met our expectations. We are seeing extraordinary water levels throughout lower Manhattan. There are trees down throughout the city and the bad news, ConEd has power outages on an extremely wide basis,” said Bloomberg.

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