Super Bowl Sunday Boosts Business

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EUGENE, Ore. — Super Bowl Sunday brought an increase in business for some local eateries.  Many restaurants held watch parties or dealt with non-stop deliveries to football fans all day long.

“We started planning for a dinner about a month and a half, or two months in advance,” said Phillip Barry, The Cooler manager.

Football fans who attended the party got a chance to test their luck to win some prizes during the third quarter.

“We’re giving away a bunch of prizes and the raffle tickets are free, so we just hand those out to people as they come in,” said Barry.

Those who choose to stay at home instead of going out to watch the game picked up the phone to order pizzas.

“We deliver probably around 200 and in house another 50 to 60,” said Tim Hill, Track Town Pizza manager.

Although it only takes 15 minutes to make the pizzas, people calling in to order pizzas found out it takes a little longer for delivery on Super Bowl Sunday. Even though a major national sporting event brings in a lot of business, it doesn’t compare to the business brought in by the Oregon Ducks.

“It does not compare at all to Oregon football. Oregon football is king here. Everybody’s in town on those days and we’re really busy,” said Hill.

Although it wasn’t the busiest day of the year, Super Bowl Sunday brought in extra dough for these local businesses.

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