Support Grows to Save Libraries

1-28 budgetEUGENE, Ore. — Another packed house as the city of Eugene talked budget cuts. The city held the second of two public hearings Tuesday night for the Eugene Budget Committee.

Several signs calling for the saving of branch libraries littered the crowd.

The budget committee has six different proposals on the table as it works to trim $3 million from the FY 15 budget, including one to eliminate the branch libraries.

“It costs about a combined somewhere around $600,000 to operate those two branch libraries,” said Laura Illig, with the Eugene Budget Chairperson. “It’s just one of the many things we’re looking at to see if it’s still the right thing for the community.”

The committee will turn over its work, including the feedback, to the Eugene City Manager. He will then propose a budget to the Eugene City Council for review.

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  1. Margaret H. says:

    This story is incorrect in that 5 of the 6 budget proposals name eliminate the branch libraries. The 6th option doesn’t list them specifically but would cut 2% from the library budget which would be more than the $600,000 the branch libraries would cut. So, in effect, all 6 options would cut the branch libraries.

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