Support Pours in for Wattiers

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County sheriff’s deputy Drew Wattier made it safely to San Diego from Mexico. And we’ve learned his wife Michelle is on her way to the United States.

A Facebook page that’s updating the couple’s conditions says that as of about two hours ago Michelle was on her way to a hospital in San Diego. Drew arrived late Wednesday night.

As doctors concentrate on their recovery, the community in Eugene is stepping up its support.

The Facebook page shows just how much the Wattiers are loved in this community. Posts detail prayers and praise for the doctors who treated the couple in Mexico.

The two were victims of a hit-and-run accident outside their Los Cabos resort on Friday.

“I have a lot of Lane County sheriff friends and talking with them they have fun they are neat people they have fun,” said Rachel Sanders, CourtSports fundraiser organizer.

And that’s why Sanders with CourtSports in Springfield decided to organize one of the many fundraisers popping up around the community. The couple works out there.

“Michelle comes in and just the cutest thing,” Sanders said.

Friday morning from 6-10 a.m., the club’s opening up its waffle breakfast to the public for donations.

“(It’s) a simple way to show that CourtSports cares, so we are excited about being able to do this,” Sanders said.

In Eugene, Track Town Pizza is also dishing out a little Goodwill.

“I was saddened, definitely, and just wanted to give the community an opportunity to come out and show their love and support for the Wattiers,” said Tim Hill, Track Town manager.

On Dec. 13, 50 percent of the food sales will go to couple’s medical fund. Bring in the flyer or mention the fundraiser.

And there’s also a Papa’s Pizza fundraiser at all locations in Eugene set for Dec. 19. You just need to bring in a flyer.

And Full City on Pearl Street with donate 25 percent of its sales on Dec. 10.

“Knowing that the rest of the community is pitching in to do this, it’s just a feeling of camaraderie and taking something so tragic and being able to turn it into something that we can come together as a community,” Sanders said.

Salon Delange is raffling off gift certificates for hair services. Tickets are $5, and you can enter as many times as you would like. It says those donations will also go to the medical fund.

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  1. rob says:

    dont get me wrong its terrible what happend to these people , but why do these people need donations for their hospital bills, the tax payers provide exelecent medical benifits to public employees so there should be no need to seek donations.

    I would think people would be better off donating to unemployed peoples medical bills that have lost their insurance when they lost their jobs and let the insurance we all pay for to cover the officer and his wifes bills

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