Suspect Identified in River Road Murder

EUGENE, Ore. — The Lane County Sheriff’s Office announced an arrest related to that fire at a River Road home.

Robert Baimbridge is charged with arson and murder.

Baimbridge has been booked in the Lane County Jail before.

He now accused of killing Moji Tholl, an acquaintance. Investigators say Baimbridge and Tholl have children with a woman named Shawna Schmidt. They are all associated with the house on River Road where the fire happened. Investigators say there was a domestic situation at the house earlier in the week in which Schmidt was told to not go back to the house.

Investigators have been on scene since Tuesday afternoon when the fire broke out at the home on River Road. Tholl’s body was found on the ground floor.

The Lane County sheriff’s deputies say they’re still investigating Tholl’s death.

Baimridge was arraigned Friday.


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  1. christy says:

    Mo was a great man. he loved his little girl like no other. This guy robert is a monster! They had known each other for 15 plus years. I hope he gets put away for the rest of his life. Mo’s little girl will miss her dad so much. Robert Baimbridge I hate you.

    1. on the outside says:

      u obviously have no idea what you are talking about. mo tried to be a good man when he wasnt all gowed out on pills and yelling at his daughter and her siblings. people have reasons for doing what they do or did u not see the shiner that shawna was sporting in her mugshot that was from mo. i have seen mo call his daughter some of the most awful things and granted she may miss him for a while but personally shes probly gonna end up with a much better daddy later down the road. im not saying that robs actions were ok quite the opposite. things dont always have to end up in violence however there are always two sides to every story and no one will really ever know what went down.

  2. I Know Rob says:

    I know Rob or “Bald Rob” he has always been a hot headed Methed out PUNK!!! I hope he fries!!!!!!!!

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