Suspect In Eugene Shooting Arrested

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EUGENE, Ore. — Marion County deputies caught a man wanted for a shooting in south Eugene yesterday.

The man allegedly shot a woman and is now being charged with attempted murder. Police say the suspect is 38-year-old Daniel Garges from Eugene.

He was arrested this morning by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office near Salem. Investigators say he shot a woman in her 20’s, believed to be his girlfriend.

Officers say she drove herself to the hospital after being shot and it was then reported to police.

Multiple units responded to an apartment complex on the 18-hundred block of Ferry Street around 3:00 p.m., including SWAT, the Crisis Negotiation Team, and the Violent Crimes Unit. Neighbors say the big police presence was a shock to them.

“The fact that there was a shooting so close to home, it kind of stops the heart for a minute. It’s a little threatening and scary,” said Kate Zanobini, a UO student and neighbor.

“It’s just us girls which is also kind of scary and I thought, you know, living on a busy street like 18th, there wouldn’t be as much crime,” said Allie Baumann, also a neighbor and student.

Police say the victim is still in the hospital in stable condition.

Garges was transferred from the Marion County jail to Lane County. He is facing multiple charges including attempted murder and assault.

Police say the scene is now clear and don’t believe there’s any danger to the neighborhood.


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  1. RB says:

    I guess women have pretty low standards these days.

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