Suspect Tries to Rob UO Student

EUGENE, Ore. — A University of Oregon student says a man tried to rob him at knifepoint Thursday night.

The student reported a man came up to him on campus near Pioneer Cemetery and the education annex building.

The student says he was walking by himself around midnight through that when a stranger approached him, took out a knife and demanded money. The student pushed the man and ran away.

University of Oregon Police say in a robbery situation, it’s always safest to give up your belongings first.

“Give up your possessions. It’s just money. It’s things that can be replaced. Obviously, if people feel like they are cornered, if they have no other outlet to run away, fighting back. You should definitely fight back,” said Kelly McIver, UO Police Department spokesman.

The suspect is described as a black man in his early 20s, six feet tall, medium build and wearing dark clothing. A campus crime alert was sent out to students Friday.

Police say if you are ever a victim of a crime, then report it immediately so investigators have a better chance of finding the suspect.

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  1. Postone says:

    Just another fine African American citizen! Take heart, it will get worse in Eugene, give it a little time. The Eugene police department are too busy harassing the homeless and homeless camping in their cars on public streets. Or kicking down doors in student housing because of loud music!

    If you guys (police) want to kick doors and go toe to toe I’ve got a great city for you, and they are always look for hot shots! (Stockton, California)

    Although the bad guys in Stockton fight back, and they shoot back too!

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