Suspected Arson at Eugene Restaurant

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EUGENE, Ore. — Another fire is under investigation for arson–this time at Ta Ra Rin Restaurant in downtown Eugene.

This is the third suspected arson this month to cause damage to a local business. All of those, along with numerous other smaller fires, are being investigated by the Eugene Police Department. Investigators cannot confirm yet as to whether they’re linked.

Ta Ra Rin fared better than the other businesses allegedly set on fire this month.

Fire fighters say this one started in a dumpster that sits underneath the back roof of the building. Investigators say that location indicates this fire likely had some help getting started.

“In a dumpster, there’s not a typical ignition source. They’re not wired with electricity. They don’t have equipment and all that. So anytime we have a dumpster fire, it raises a possibility that somebody set the dumpster on fire,” said Keith Haggas, Eugene Deputy Fire Marshal.

Luckily, the restaurant had a sprinkler system installed that didn’t put the fire out but kept flames contained until crews arrived.

The police and fire department ask you keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. If you see a fire, not matter how small, call 9-1-1.

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