Sustainability at Da Vinci Days

CORVALLIS, Ore. —  Participants of the 25th annual Da Vinci Days Festival in Corvallis are celebrating more than just the arts and sciences this weekend – they’re promoting sustainability.

Friday afternoon, participants and vendors geared up for the festival, setting up their booths for show-and-tell or for bites to eat.

Something new this year is the Green Star Program, which allows attendees and all vendors to compost almost everything. Straws, cups, eating utensils, plates, food – they will all go in compost carts and recycling bins.

“I think in the environment – it’s just where we’re going,” said Bob Burton, owner of the Burton’s concession trailer. “And we all have to do our part. And as vendors, I think almost everybody here is doing their part.”

Allied Waste will pick up the material and bring it to a local compost site.

“We’re doing it everywhere we can,” Burton said about composting. “There are still a few items – odds and ends – that aren’t compostable, but it’s even gotten down to the straws and the cups and the lids and the boxes and things – it’s almost all available to us now.”

But Da Vinci Days is also celebrating sustainability of other kinds.

“It starts with no engine,”said John Matylonek, owner of Oregon Hang Gliding School.

He’s talking about hang gliding – an activity that does not pollute the environment.

“There’s nothing you can do on this Earth rather than  being an astronaut or being some crazy deep-sea skydiver that will give you the more un-worldly and alien experience and feeling of aliveness than hang-gliding,” Matylonek said.

Matylonek will be at the Da Vinci Days this weekend, teaching the sport’s history to anyone who’s interested in learning about hang gliding.

It’s about celebrating the arts, music, science, technology, and being sustainable.

The festival runs from 5-10 pm on Friday,  9 am-10 pm on Saturday, and 10 am-5:30 pm on Sunday. Single day passes for adults are 15 dollars on Friday and Saturday; 10 dollars on Sunday. Three-day passes for adults are 25 dollars. Children under the age of 11 are free with a paid adult admission, and kids and teens between 12-18 can get a three-day pass for 10 dollars. More information on the festival is available by clicking here.

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