Swanson Mill Employees Attend Job Fair

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EUGENE, Ore. — A sense of hope was in the air Wednesday afternoon, as employers met with Swanson mill employees looking for jobs.

“We do have today (Wednesday) over 20 employers here with over 140 job listings to try and get everybody back to work,” said Saundra Crawley, WorkSource Lane supervisor.

Crawley says they immediately reached out to help, after a fire at the Springfield Plywood and Veneer mill on July 17 left nearly 250 people unemployed.

“As soon as we heard about the news regarding the mill, we reached out to the employer to find out how we could help with services and how we could help with all these dislocated workers and get them back to work,” Crawley said.

Crawley says the hiring companies ranged from production and manufacturing to different mills and lumber work. Employers see this as an opportunity to potentially hire quality workers.

“Just get a good applicant pool. Quality employees, they’re hard to find and good employees are what we need,” said Troy Stroud, Murphy Plywood.

Stroud says although the other companies are considered competitors, the goal here is to get jobseekers employed and restore the hope in the air back into the lives for those without work.

“We’re also in the same industry and in the same group and have the same battles. So, it’s a good thing to come together and just put it out there that we’re Oregon and we’re employing and come to work,” Stroud said.

Stroud says he received more than 75 applications at Murphy Plywood’s booth alone. Crawley says more than 150 people were there looking for positions.

“To achieve is to get everybody employed–that is our goal,” Crawley said.

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