Swartout Trial Closing Arguments Begin

EUGENE, Ore. — The fate of Angelica Swartout will soon be in the hands of the jury.

Jurors in her last trial could not reach a verdict, so the judge declared a mistrial.

The prosecution told jurors everything they have to decide in this case has already happened.

Prosecutor Bob Lane asked the jurors to think about the testimony and replay the confession.

In closing, the defense told jurors they have everything they need to save Swartout from a wrongful conviction.

The defense reviewed testimony in detail. It covered everything from doctors’ examinations to Swartout’s testimony.

It said the prosecution hasn’t proved its case, instead offered proof that Swartout did, in fact, fake her pregnancy.

Prosecutors asked jurors to remember Swartout’s sisters’ testimony.

It also focused closing remarks on the taped confession saying that while Swartout is a liar, during the taped confession she was caught in a weak moment.

“Go back to the feeling you had when you watched the defendants confession and I suspect that moment some period of time into that your feelings about what was going on here changed,” Lane said.

“She just says what the police want her to stay –she thinks if i say what they want me to say they will leave me alone i can go home,” said defense attorney Gordon Mallon.

Jurors will have access to all of the testimony, pictures and video in the deliberation room.

Jurors will come back in the morning and continue deliberating.

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