Swartout Trial Results in a Hung Jury

February 8, 2012

By Jennifer Richardson

EUGENE, Ore. — Jurors can’t reach a verdict in the Angelica Swartout murder trial.

On Wednesday, a judge granted a mistrial after the jury of 12 announced they were hung.

Swartout is charged with murdering her baby. She didn’t show much reaction.

The jurors however were visibly upset.

A couple were crying and we noticed one shook her head side to side when the judge declared a mistrial.

Swartout’s family was also very upset crying and hugging each other.

The judge asked jurors if they felt with more deliberation time could a verdict ever be reached. They said no.

This means Swartout will stand trial again and she will remain behind bars until a new trial in April.

The trial was centered around the prosecutions belief Swartout smothered her baby while the defense claimed she was never pregnant.

Swartout’s defense attorney Gordon Mallon says Swartout’s reaction to the mistrial is that that she is strong and will continue to keep fighting.

“The jury worked extremely hard. They had the strength of their convictions and they stuck to their gun, and we will continue to fight for our client’s liberty,” Mallon said.

The trial lasted nine days and deliberations took four day before coming to this conclusion.

District Attorney Bob Lane says he can’t speak because of a gag order.

KEZI tried to talk to a couple of the jurors, but they also didn’t want to comment.

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