Swartout’s Fate in Jury’s Hands

February 2, 2012

By Jennifer Richardson

EUGENE, Ore. — The fate of Angelica Swartout is now in the hands of jurors.

Swartout is charged with murdering her baby and dumping his body in a dumpster.

The courtroom was the fullest we’ve seen it in the nine days of the trial.

A large number of Swartout’s family and friends filled the seats Thursday.

In closing arguments, the prosecution says over the last two years Swartout’s story has changed dramatically. They claim that’s because the defendant knew she was in trouble.

The prosecutor says bottom line, “You have received enough evidence and that shows exactly that she had a plan. She gave birth to this baby, killed it and that makes her guilty.”

The prosecution went on to tell jurors that the taped confession was recorded for their benefit and since they viewed it, they will have to decide if they believe it.

The prosecution also told jurors that they specifically can’t ignore the testimony by one of Swartout’s co-worker’s at the Crossland Motel, who testified she found blood in the bathroom the night of the alleged murder.

They told jurors that Swartout’s child had a chance at life and it was taken away.

The defense says the state hasn’t proved beyond a reasonable doubt she caused the death of a baby and there also isn’t proof that a baby couldn’t have just died on its own.

The lead attorney told jurors the police also didn’t do enough investigation when they learned Swartout was claiming she wasn’t ever pregnant, specifically looking for hidden blood residue left in the bathroom.

The defense’s bottom line: “This just isn’t possible. I’ll admit prosecutor Lane will say nothing’s impossible, but is there proof beyond a reasonable doubt that happened? No, there’s no proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”

It is now a waiting game as the jury deliberates.

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