SWAT & Suspect Standoff

EUGENE, Ore. — A nearly three-hour standoff ended Wednesday afternoon. Eugene Police say an armed man barricaded himself in an apartment near the corner of 13th Avenue and Chambers Street.

EPD says the search for this suspect started Tuesday night, when he fled on foot with a handgun from police after a car pursuit. Police located him after following up on details Wednesday.

Residents at the Spring Tree Apartments say they’re breathing a sigh of relief after the standoff came to an end without violence. They say the hours of commotion between police officers and an armed suspect will actually bring them a renewed sense of peace to the area.

“There’s been some domestic squabble between him and the people he’d been associating with come and go from there, shouting, that kind of stuff. People coming and going at all times of the night. This will be great. Get some sleep now,” said neighbor John Quinn.

Quinn lives across from the apartment. He says he had a front row seat to the action, action that he’s seen before.

“I kept getting calls from the person. Who was contacting me to see what I can see out my kitchen window because I had a bird’s eye view right up to the balcony where this is all taking place. Plus it’s been going on for a couple of months, so it’s good to see this guy get caught,” Quinn said.

Police say the suspect was seen running with a handgun Tuesday; so when they located him today, they brought in several different agencies to help.

“We had detectives on scene to write us search warrants if we needed. We had a crisis negotiation team; as you can see here with the folks, hailing and prepared to negotiate if necessary. And then a SWAT team a few patrol officers,” said Lt. Caroline Mason, Eugene Police Department.

Quinn says residents like them just want peace, quiet and a safe place to live. They’re tired of suspicious people and activity around their homes. He says with this suspect locked up, his crew probably won’t be coming around anymore either.

“He doesn’t live here but I think he was associated with someone that does live in that apartment. Like I said, I’m just glad to see them clean this place up a little bit and get these people out,” Lt. Mason said.

Eugene Police says no one was hurt during the standoff and the suspect has had run-ins with the law before. Investigators haven’t charged the suspect yet.

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