Sweet Salvage Turns Old into New

RRRSPRINGFIELD, Ore –  You know the saying, “Out with the old, in with the new.” Well, one Springfield woman has changed that a bit, saying, “In with the old, let’s make it new!”

Jennifer Tapscott just opened her store, Sweet Salvage, last month, but her love for vintage started at a young age. She says she goes to estate sales, thrift shops, anywhere where she can find old furniture, books, and other antiques. She takes someone else’s trash, and turns it into a new treasure.

“I think people don’t realize something is as special as it is,” says Tapscott. “You know, there’s an old bed frame up there with springs!”

Tapscott is referencing one of her recycled pieces; a ceiling hanging made from the box spring of an old mattress, plants, and lights.  Tapscott says recycling old items is not only fun, it’s also a great way to keep things out of the landfill.

Sweet Salvage is located at 4434 Main Street, in Springfield.

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