Swim Meet Closes Amazon Pool

EUGENE, Ore. — The Amazon Pool in Eugene will close its doors to the public this Friday through Sunday.

The pool will be taken over for the annual Team Eugene Invitational Swim Meet.

About 615 swimmers will compete. It’s estimated that their families and other spectators will bring in more than $300,000 in business to the community.

To deal with any trouble this may cause, the city pools are offering two for one rec swims at Echo Hollow and Sheldon Pool.

“It’s important for us to serve a diverse set of users and the competitive group is one of those users, and we only do this once a year,” said Rich Fay, Aquatics Section Manager.

“The two-for-one is nice, but it’s hard to replicate this pool. That’s what we found at least during the summer this is the pool to be at for sure,” said pool patron Maryanne Gates.

The event is free and open to the public. So pool management is encouraging everyone to come and check it out.

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