Swimmers Plead to Keep Pool Open

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EUGENE, Ore. — With the failure of the city services fee, the City of Eugene is now left to figure out how to fill a $6.3 million gap in just more than a month.

The discussion on how began Tuesday night.

The Sheldon Pool is one of the many services that city residents could be saying goodbye to very soon–and it’s not alone. Right now the only solution to bridge the gap involves the reduction or complete cuts of funding to a number of services, including library, recreation, fire, police and parks. Many other municipal and social services would also be affected by the current plan.

The interest and concern was clear Tuesday night when more than a hundred people showed up to a budget meeting. They let it be known they weren’t going to let their services go away without a fight.

The public comment period was extended twice to give the more than a dozen people the opportunity to voice their opinion.

This was the first chance the public had to speak out, but people will have the same opportunity again Thursday, May 30 during the second deliberation meeting. That will be held in the Bascom-Tykeson room in the Eugene Downtown Library at 5:30 p.m.

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