Symantec Celebrates 20 Years

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — 20 years ago this October, the City of Eugene was able to convince the Fortune 500 company Symantec to call Track Town USA its new home and the company has had a huge impact in the area ever since.

Norton AntiVirus is just one of the many products the now Springfield company is known for. Representatives say they’re one of the top employers in the area and believe part of their success can be linked to being a part of this community.

Symantec says they’re the world leader in information security. And while its fourth largest office now sits in Springfield, that wasn’t always the case. It actually started off not too far away in the City of Eugene.

Former Eugene-Springfield Metro Partnership Executive Director John Lively said, “The minute we saw the name, we said this would be a perfect fit for not only what they do, but what it would do for the community. So, we decided to it was well worth doing whatever we had to to get them here.”

In this case, that meant finding a way to purchase the then bankrupt building on Charnelton and Broadway back in 1993. Originally, just a call center, things have changed quite a bit since then.

“We have more functions here in our Springfield office than in any other office outside of our world headquarters in California. We offer engineering, sales, marketing, human resources, all of our administrative functions, as well as, tech support,” said Senior Director of Inside Sales John Belle.

With more than a thousand employees under its roof, people say the benefits extend beyond the workers and the office.

Springfield Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Dan Egan said, “It’s had a great impact. Payroll, taxes to the city, all the things that you want to have a great employment center do for you.”

“More than just the fact that they create the jobs, they’re a great corporate partner…They’ve just really been what I call a total community member,” said Lively.

Belle said, “It’s really important when you have such a large presence in this community that you give back as much as you take.”

While residents wonder how much longer the company will choose to call this place home, representatives say with a choice applicant pool and great sense of community it doesn’t see a reason to go.

“Symantec is really pleased at the opportunity to be here for 20 years and are looking forward to a long future here in the Eugene-Springfield area,” said Belle.

So, while no one knows exactly what the future will hold, Symantec representatives say they believe they still have a lot of room to grow and with that a long future in area ahead of them. In fact, they currently have a hundred job openings right now.

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