Symmonds Hosts Second Annual Race

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The world’s only straight 800-meter road race returns to Springfield in less than two weeks.

The second annual Nick Symmonds Springfield 800 will take place in the city’s Historic Washburne District on Sept. 13.

The city says last year’s event was a big success, garnering 200 runners and 300 spectators. They’re expecting those numbers to grow this year.

Unlike a typical 800-meter road race–which is two laps around an Olympic track, or about a half mile–this one will run completely straight with no turns right down 5th Street in downtown Springfield.

Last year’s race champion and other elite athletes will join the two-time Olympian host and Springfield resident Nick Symmonds.

“You know, it’s really Nick’s opportunity to give back to the community. You know he really likes to have this type of event to really thank the community of Springfield with adopting him and being so positive with what he’s done,” said Niel Laudati, Springfield Community Relations Manager.

Organizers say it’s a real community event, sandwiched between two city staples: the Springfield Farmer’s Market beforehand and the Second Friday Artwalk after.

Race coordinators say the event was a big success last year, so they want to make sure it continues to be. That said, they are still looking for volunteers to make sure things run smoothly. If you’re interested, you can sign up to volunteer by clicking here.

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