Symmonds, Others Lash Out On Twitter

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LONDON — Nick Symmonds has had a long standing beef with the powers that be of Track & Field, upset because the rules vastly limit his ability to get sponsors.

Those limitations are even more pronounced during the Olympics, where, among other restrictions, athletes aren’t allowed to even tweet about their own sponsors, unless they are official Olympic sponsors. ┬áIt’s a rule known as “Rule 40″.

On Monday, Symmonds was a part of a group that spoke out against that rule, tweeting, “All of this rule 40 BS has gotten me riled up, time to go run off some steam.”

That tweet was part of a larger rebellion, with a group of American athletes all tweeting the same thing, “I am honored to be an Olympian, but #WeDemandChange2012 #Rule40″.

The leader of the uprising is one of track’s biggest stars – Sanya Richards-Ross. ┬áIronically, Richards-Ross isn’t effected by Rule 40, because most of her sponsors, like BP and Nike, are official Olympic sponsors.

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