50 Years of KEZI 9 News: New Carissa Founders Off Coos Bay

November 24, 2010 COOS BAY, Ore. — As shipwrecks go, the New Carissa was not easy to love. She was outfitted for hauling wood chips, not anything exotic. So the rusting hulk on a beach in Coos Bay initially was considered an unwelcome eyesore. And then something strange happened. The people of Coos Bay began … Continue reading »

50 Years of KEZI 9 News: “Survival on the Seas”

November 22, 2010 NEWPORT, Ore. — Fishing Oregon’s waters is dangerous work. And like logging, it often runs in families. As we look back at 50 years of KEZI, we visit with the Letter family from Newport. It was part of our series “Survival on the Seas” in the year 2000.

50 Years of KEZI 9 News: The Legacy of JFK

November 22, 2010 Forty-seven years ago, President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Texas. For a generation of Americans, it was a pivotal moment in our nation’s history. The young president had a popularity that transcended politics. So when he was cut down by an assassin’s bullet, the news made headlines around the world. … Continue reading »

50 Years of KEZI 9 News: Thurston High School Shootings

November 19, 2010 SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — On May 21, 1998, a 15-year-old in Springfield boy killed his parents and then went to school at Thurston High with murder on his mind. His name is Kip Kinkel. And what he did that day will always be part of the lore of the Willamette Valley. A look … Continue reading »

50 Years of KEZI 9 News: Rolls-Royce Raja Arrives in Oregon

November 18, 2010 ANTELOPE, Ore. — In 1981, an Indian mystic and New Age philosopher arrived in Oregon to establish a commune. His name was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Nothing like the Bhagwan had ever been seen around Antelope in central Oregon. He was rich, mysterious and his motives were never clear. The dozens of Rolls-Royces … Continue reading »

50 Years of KEZI 9 News: A Look Back at Woodstock

November 17, 2010 A look back at 50 years of KEZI 9 News wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Woodstock. The outdoor concert on a farm in upstate New York attracted half a million people. In 1969, it was one of those rare occasions when the country paused to take a deep breath during … Continue reading »

50 Years of KEZI 9 News: Riding the Coast Starlight

November 15, 2010 EUGENE, Ore. — Back in 1991, Amtrak trains took riders from Eugene to Klamath Falls through some of the most beautiful country Oregon has to offer. It was called the Coast Starlight. That year, Amtrak teamed up with the Forest Service to provide a guided tour for passengers.

50 Years of KEZI 9 News: 2002

November 15, 2010 Every few years it seems the commercial fishing industry in Oregon suffers an economic blow. Last year, it was yet another ban on commercial salmon fishing. And Oregon fishermen are still talking about the restrictions imposed back in 2002 on both the commercial and recreational fishing of endangered rock fish. The ban … Continue reading »

50 Years of KEZI 9 News: The Nation at War

November 12, 2010 CRESWELL, Ore. — Taking cues from Veterans Day, we take a look back at a story from 1968. It’s about a largely forgotten wartime incident that brought tiny Creswell some unwanted publicity.

50 Years of KEZI 9 News: Former Eugene Mayor Jim Torrey

November 11, 2010 EUGENE, Ore. — As part of KEZI’s 50th annivesary and in honor of Veterans Day, we thought it would be appropriate to feature the story of a man who has been a longtime supporter of our fighting men and women. We’re talking about former Eugene Mayor Jim Torrey. Torrey served two terms, … Continue reading »

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